Cutting Baby’s Nails | Tips and Advice

cutting baby's nail

Cutting baby’s nails might be some parents’ worst nightmare. However, babies tend to move their hands around and easily scratch their face. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to trim their nails when it gets too long. This task can be quite difficult at first, read on to know more tips for cutting your baby’s nails.

Find a Suitable Nail Cutting Tools

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There are several different tools for trimming babies’ nails. A miniature size nail clipper is one of the most popular choices for trimming baby’s nails.

Some even come with extended handles to improve your grip. You can also find nail trimming scissors or baby nail files too. Find out which style you are most comfortable with. Normally, nails will be softer after a bath or shower, so if your baby has thicker nails it may be easier to cut them.

Cutting Nails When Your Baby is Distracted

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When it comes time to trimming your baby’s nails, you might want to choose the time wisely. Many parents find that nail trimming goes exceedingly and abundantly better if I cut them while my baby was either asleep or busy feeding. If your baby is feeding, you will likely need to call upon some assistance, especially if you are a breastfeeding mom.

Many parents find it’s easiest to pare nails when the baby is sleeping. Keep a clipper in your diaper bag so you can seize trimming opportunities whenever they arise.

Learn How to Trim Nails

When clipping, hold your baby’s finger, pressing the fingertip pad down and away from the nail. Hold onto the finger you want to trim between your thumb and index finger. Use a firm grip to hold on to your baby’s hand so that they don’t jerk it away at an inopportune moment. Gently snip following the natural curve of the fingernail, taking care that you don’t go too low.

Don’t Forget Your Baby’s Toes

Remember that your baby’s toenails also need trimming. Generally speaking, toenails do not grow nearly as fast as fingernails. You may not need to cut toenails as often. Follow the same guidelines for trimming toenails, though keep in mind toenails should be cut straight across without any rounding or tapering at the corners. This will help in preventing ingrown toenails.

Be Prepared

It isn’t rare of cases when parents cut a little too close. So, you should keep a tissue at hand. If there is any bleeding, hold the tissue along the cut for a few minutes or until the bleeding stops.

This trimming nails routine is not dangerous for your baby. So, don’t worry too much while doing it. Just consider it as a normal cutting nail, the more you worry about it, the harder it’s for you to do. Also, if your baby can feel that you are stressed while cutting their nails, you might feel stressed too. Let us know if you have any difficulty with cutting your baby’s nails in the comments!