Toddler Summer Clothes: Dress Your Toddler in the Right Clothes For The Beach

todderl wearing a hat under the sun

Summer is coming with plenty of opportunities for your toddler to play outside. However, you might wonder how to make sure that your kids are both comfy and protected under the sun. No worry, we have the best beach ideas for toddler summer clothes below.

How to Dress your Toddlers this Summer

Below are a few tips for you to pick the perfect toddler summer clothes in order to help your kids feel the most comfortable.

Using Sunscreens for Kids

Even though it can be quite challenging to apply sunscreen to a wriggly toddler, don’t skip this step whenever they go to the beach! Studies show that sunburns can make toddler skin more vulnerable to skin diseases later in life. Therefore, they will need protection from sunscreens, which should contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to block out harmful rays (preferred by experts). This type of baby sunscreen does a better job at protecting against both UVA and UVB rays than chemical sunscreens do.

Choose Cotton Fabrics

Overheating is the most common issue a kid and probably everyone can get in summer. So, you should choose loose-fitting clothing made of 100% cotton in order to keep your little one cool. Lightweight cotton allows air to reach the body and lets sweat evaporate, preventing irritation and cooling the skin. We love the super-soft fabric from made from 100% cotton. Plus, they also come in fun and collectible colors at reasonable prices that make stocking up so easy.

Lighten Up

Simple outfits with a minimum of layers are the way to go for beach days. For little girls, a simple Beach babe bloomer set makes getting dressed a breeze. On the other hand, little boys can look casual and cool with just shorts and soft jersey polo shirts.

Go for Sun-Blocking Clothes

When your toddler is outside and exposed to the sun for longer periods, wearing clothes that contain sun protection (UPF) is the best way to protect them from UV rays. The higher the UPF rate, the better protection your kid has! So, we highly recommend choosing clothes with a higher UPF rating to block out even the most harmful rays.

Include a Cute Beach Hat

Sun hats are a great way to protect your toddler’s head and ears, especially when applying sunscreens to these areas proves ineffective. Also, you should look for one with a chin strap and an oversized brim.

Try Sunglasses

It’s never too early to use sunglasses, which can help protect your kid’s eyes from UV light. You should choose the one that can block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. And, if your toddler doesn’t like to keep them on all the time, try using an elastic band. Besides, you should also act as a good role model by always wearing your sunglasses when heading to the beach with your kids.

Pick Beach Sandals

Your tiny new walker has soft feet and lots of curiosity to discover and explore everything on the beach. So, to protect those tiny feet, a pair of waterproof sandals with a flexible sole is a must-have this summer. We really like these Blue Bow sandals by Babychortle, which come in all shapes and sizes. Plus, these sandals won’t fall apart easily like other brands on the market, giving them great hand-me-down potential.

Let us know if you have any questions about toddler clothing for the beach in the comments below!