Everything You Should Consider Before Having Kids

everything you should know before having kids

Once you get close to 30, you will likely hear people around constantly talking that it’s time for you to start having children. More than ever before, though, women have the right to settle into careers and hold off on becoming mothers. We need to think about our lifestyles, dreams, and compatibility with our partner before we can really commit to the responsibility of being parents. So, before having kids, here is something you should know.

Research, Research, and Research

Everything You Should Consider Before Having Kids

You might have heard stories from the older generations when raising kids was just something people do by following their tradition or instinct. While this approach can work for some women, it’s important to do your own research and make sure that you approach it in the right way. You can start with parenting books. Or, mommy bloggers/websites around the world share tips and advice on the reality of motherhood and dealing with life’s unexpected surprises. While a blog or a book may not teach you everything, it is still a good way to prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

Know Yourself

We are all on a journey to discover our life, and personal development is crucial for parenthood. After all, bringing a life into this world is a huge responsibility. It is wise to be the best version of yourself because your child will look up to you. As time passes, your goals and beliefs will change. But, a child always needs a role model to admire, and it should be you. And, you don’t need to know everything in order to become a good mom. Just make sure that you know what you really need. Be the best of yourself and everything will be just like what you want!

Are You Really Happy?

Everything You Should Consider Before Having Kids

This is probably the question that everyone has to ask themselves once in their life. Are you truly happy with your life? Is motherhood a good way to cope with loneliness or is it a way to fix an unsuccessful romantic relationship. There are many stories of moms who get pregnant because they think it will fill a void in their life or will bring their partner closer to them.

Well, the truth is, a man will not improve his relationship with you just because a child is in the picture. Also, loneliness can only disappear once you figure out how life can still be so beautiful with just you. Children need to grow up in a healthy home environment with parents who are happy with their lives and relationships.

Know How to Deal with Your Emotional

Everything You Should Consider Before Having Kids

A lot of women experience stress, anxiety, baby blues or postpartum depression after they become mothers. A child needs a mother who can balance her own needs with theirs, especially if that mother is living with mental illness. A mother’s instinct often makes you feel that you should put your child before their own needs, which shouldn’t be the case. There are moments when you need to spend time for yourself first. After all, if you are not well, then taking care of your child would be very overwhelmed.

Here are a few tips to work on yourself before having a kid

  • Seek a life coach or someone you can trust
  • Asking advice for your family or community
  • Send time for yourself
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle

To be a mother, you don’t need to have any superpower. But, your life experiences and the way you handle yourself can tell you if you are ready for the job or not. So, next time you wish for your own little bundle of joy, ask yourself, if you have considered all of the above. And, if you do, we wish you the best on your mom’s journey.