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Fun activies for 1 year old

Being a one-year-old is an important milestone for babies to develop basic skills. So, as parents, we should spend time playing with our kids whenever we can. However, there is no need to buy a whole box of toys for that. What is actually good for your baby’s development is family activity, not the toy they like to play with. But, you are probably wondering where to start. Well, our top 10 fun activities for 1-year-old will help you with that.

Playing House

Playing House activities for 1 year old

You only need a few cardboard boxes or play tunnels to do this activity. It is quite similar to building a pillow fort, but this version is more suitable for babies because they can’t actually use their building creativity now. Anyway, you should add an entrance and an exit so your baby can go in and out easily. And, you have to build it by yourself and play with the house first so your baby can learn from you. There are many things you and your baby can do such as, knocking on doors or crawling in and out. The limit is your own imagination.

Baby Phone Call

Baby phone call _activities for 1 year old

What you need for this game is a phone toy or something that looks similar to a phone. Handover the phone to your baby and keep the real phone for yourself. You should pretend to make a phone call first, and start a funny conversation with a family member or an imagined person. After the tryout, your baby will figure out how the game works and begin to mimic what you do. On top of that, it will be more entertaining if you use funny voices or create silly characters. Moreover, you can record the conversation and play them back, which can make the activity even more fun.

Playing Fetch

What is better than your baby can not only play but also run errands for you around the house at the same time! You might want to start with small objects that are in their reach or their favorite toys. When the baby is used to holding and picking up things, you can easily level up the game. Moreover, when they can bring the correct object, you should praise them or make silly actions with the item as a reward for your baby. On top of that, your baby has more chances to practice their receptive language skills by following directions.

Let’s Count

Let’s count_ activities for 1 year old

It’s never too soon when it comes to learning basic numbers. Besides, babies love to count and play with their fingers. So, why not use this opportunity to let your baby get to know the concept of numbers and have fun simultaneously. You should start counting your fingers first and say it out loud to make your baby more curious. After that, move on to counting your baby fingers or toes. Remember the goal is primarily having fun, learning numbers is a bonus!

Hide and Seek

activities for 1 year old

This childhood tradition is perfect to begin when babies are 1 year old. Searching for objects or people encourages children to use their imagination and develop problem-solving skills. The game is simple but so effective for your baby’s cognitive development.

Obstacle Course

This is a great indoor activity on those rainy days when you and your baby are stuck at home. The game is quite simple. You just need to set up a course or maze by using objects around the house. We suggest using light and soft objects like pillows or boxes so your baby wouldn’t be hurt if they hit them. It is amazing how much fun you and your baby can get while crawling through your own indoor obstacle course.

Crawling Spaces

activities for 1 year old

Racing is always fun and we are sure your baby knows that too. In the beginning, the baby probably doesn’t know where to start. So, the trick is using an object that they like as the finish line. There is no need for you to crawl slower than your baby because they need a companion or leader during the first couple of rounds. And, always reward the baby whether they win or lose.

The Mystery Box

Fill a container or a box with little things that you want your baby to explore. Whether it is a toy, a pen or even a bowl, your baby will feel excited with everything they find in the box. You should place a lid on the box so you can shake it for more dramatic effects before your baby’s turn.

Collecting things 

activities for 1 year old

This is a good game to start a cleaning habit for everyone. You just need to grab a bucket and let your baby clean their own toy mess after playing. You should start doing it first or doing it with your little one to make it more interesting for the baby. Just remember to make sure you will handle the bucket right after they finished or the baby might want to play again.

No matter what activity you choose, playing with babies will always help to boost their development. What is your baby’s favorite activity? Let us know in the comments!