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mood swings

You’ve probably known, however, most people surrounding you tend to focus on the physical aspects of your pregnancy. It’s normal because their primary concern is that you and your baby are healthy. And, the physical elements of pregnancy are more concrete and observed easily by others. But, many moms agree that the emotions and mood swings are just as challenging as other physical symptoms. Actually, controlling your mood swings isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Read on to know more about how to deal with pregnancy mood swings.

Regular Physical Activity

pregnancy mood swings

Mild exercises during pregnancy are usually advised by all doctors. Doing physical activities release endorphins, which help you feel relaxed and happy. For example, taking a walk can help calm you, get a breath of fresh air, and also burn some excess calories. Make sure you ask your doctor to find out which exercises suit you the best.

Spending More Time with Your Partner

Mood swings may make you lose your temper, or start to cry unexpectedly. Let your partner and your kids know it’s not them. Talking about how and what you exactly feel is all the therapy you need. You should be vocal about your emotions and discussing with your partner always helps. After all, it is a team effort! If you can, apologize in advance for those momentary irritable periods. With your kids, just explain that you are not feeling well lately and everything will get better to make them less worry.

Nutritious Meals

pregnancy mood swings

During this time you must be very careful about what you consume as it may directly affect your mood. Research proves that high-calorie foods are usually high in glycemic index, which affects the sugar levels in our body. As a result, you might experience sudden mood swings. Therefore, having a well balanced nutritious diet is highly recommended. Also, healthy meals can provide enough nutrients for growing your baby.

Indulging in Fun Activities

Having time with your friends can never go wrong. Don’t be too hard on yourself and indulge in a little fun once in a while. Making some changes in your daily routine is quite essential because it helps to create new exciting emotions. For example, if you want to buy maternity clothes, call your friends and enjoy this shopping time together. Also, it’s good to have someone with you who will stand outside the dressing room and tell you how beautiful you are. And, if you want something more soothing, then a massage will help you relieve both mental and physical stress.

Be Patient with Yourself

Actually, this one is more important than you think. The only thing worse than feeling bad is hating yourself because of the fact that you can’t stop feeling bad. Remember that you’re not alone! In fact, mood swings are pretty much an inevitable part of pregnancy. And, the increased hormones is what to blame for and it will all pass with time.

Try Yoga or Meditation

These activities not only help reduce anxiety and increase feelings of well-being but also make your delivery. Also, if you don’t want to join a class, there are many free meditation apps online to try. And, if you decide to take a yoga class, make sure it’s suitable for pregnant women. 

Prepare for Morning Sickness

In fact, one of the worst parts about morning sickness is that it can strike without any warning and at any time. This can make you feel out of control, which can lead to mood swings and stress. So, in order to lessen the fears, you should be ready for it. Having your snacks like biscuits close to you in case of hunger. Moreover, you should put plastic or paper bags in your pockets to deal with vomiting.

If your morning sickness is triggered by unpleasant or strong odors, try carrying around with you something that smells good, to block the unwanted smells. For example, a container of cloves, cinnamon, or hand lotion might work.

Prioritize Your Sleep

Whether you’re likely to be tired no matter how much you sleep or struggling to go to bed, sleeping is required a lot during pregnancy. Fatigue is a one-way road to mood swings. If you have a chance to take a nap during the day, take one! Even if it means napping at your desk at work. At home, do whatever you can to make bedtime more enjoyable, so you are more likely to get the sleep you need. Having a baby is a tough job and your body needs all the rest it can get. Make sure you are sleeping well and getting adequate rest.

Connect with Other Expecting Moms

There are forums and social media groups just for expecting mothers everywhere. You can find local support groups as well on sites like Meetup, or meet other women through a childbirth education class. Sharing your experience with other moms will make you feel more confident and less worry about mood swings. On top of that, taking childbirth classes can also make you understand more about your pregnant body. And, the more you know, and the more supported you feel, the less anxious you’ll be.

Meet a Counselor

Sometimes, what you need is a professional. And, that’s okay. You don’t have to be “clinically depressed” to see a therapist! Whether it’s your first or second child counselors are there to help people cope with pregnancy and childbirth. Moreover, a counselor can help you determine if your mood swings are something more than the “typical” experience.

There are different remedies to suit any sort of mood swings, so you might have to test a few options to see which one works for you. No worry, most of the time you will be able to handle these changes well. However, when your mood swings seem to get out of control and the remedies you’ve tried don’t seem to work, you should ask your doctor for more advice. This is necessary if you’re also dealing with anxiety, health problems, or any other issues. If you have any questions or want to share your experience with other moms, let us know in the comments!