Your Baby’s First Haircut | Tips and Advice

baby first hair cut

You might think your child’s first trip to the salon is very exciting because your baby is going to look even cuter with a new haircut. However, that’s not what your baby thinks. For them, being wrapped in a plastic cape, squirted with water, and hearing the sound of scissors from a stranger is just scary. So, this could be a peak time for stranger anxiety. Also, salons have lots of unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells that can upset your child. No worry, here are some tips for your baby’s first haircut.

Know When to Go

Many parents ask themselves when they should cut their child’s hair for the first time. Here are some things you should know to make your choice a little easier.

Your baby’s first haircut isn’t a medical procedure, and contrary to popular belief, cutting a child’s hair will not make it grow faster. It’s up to the parents to decide when to cut their baby’s hair for the first time. So, when you think that it’s time, consider every factor then do it.

On the other hand, some specialists recommend waiting for at least a year before your baby‘s first haircut. A good reason to put your baby’s first haircut off for a while is that your baby needs to learn to hold their heads up and sit properly. This will make the process a little easier. Even so at 5 or 6 months of age, your child might be able to sit up on their own.

Give Your Baby a Heads-Up

Babies don’t like surprises like having a haircut, so have your child watch you when you are havinga haircut or visit a barber before the big day. Talk to your baby about what they’re seeing by pointing out the cape that your baby will wear and what scissors do. Avoid using the word “cut,” which may scare your child if your child is a bit older. And, you can use “snip” or “trim” instead.

Pick the Right Place

baby’s first haircut

Choose a salon that knows how to deal with tinny clients. Many kids’ hair places have videos or books to keep their little customers entertained. And, because there is nothing much to cut, so some salons even do it for free in your baby first’s haircut. If there isn’t a children’s barber in your town, ask your stylist to recommend someone who’s especially good with kids.

Be Prepared

baby’s first haircut

You should bring your baby’s favorite toy on the first trip to a hair salon. It will help your child stay calm and keep their hands occupied. You might also offer a treat to reward them when everything is done. Before the barber begins, you can swing the chair away from the mirror so your child doesn’t fixate on the scissors. If your baby refuses to wear a cape, put one on and show them that it’s ok to wear it. If your baby is too young, you may need to let them sit on your lap to ensure they won’t move too much.


If you’re worried, your child will pick up on it and be more likely to cry during their haircut. Talk to them about how much fun it will be during the process. Let your baby know how great they will look after getting a trim. When your baby sees that you’re looking forward to it, they will too.

Plan Carefully

Book your appointment between mealtime and naptime so your child isn’t hungry or cranky. Call ahead to make sure the stylist is ready. And don’t hesitate to reschedule if your child seems upset that day. The first haircut sets the stage for years to come. Therefore, it’s important to make it a positive experience from the start. The perfect opportunity for a baby’s first haircut is when your baby is sitting comfortably and focusing on something except the barber. The sound of the clippers or the movement of the scissors can upset your child. For this reason, it’s far easier to cut your child’s hair when they’re relaxed. If your baby cries, there is no need to force them. You can leave the haircut for another day, the barber will understand.

Cutting Your Baby’s Hair at Home

baby’s first haircut

Some parents prefer to cut their baby’s hair by themselves at home and it’s completely normal. If you want to keep things more simple, some blunt-ended scissors and a steady hand are all you need. 

Another way to cut your baby’s hair is to use electric clippers. This device can let you set the length you need for your baby’s hair. When using clippers, make sure to take it slow. Avoid putting pressure on your child’s head. Plus, you won’t need to wet your baby’s hair before you cut it since the strands are very fine.

The Bottom Line

Remember to always put safety first. Although cutting a baby’s hair isn’t particularly risky, it’s still important to take certain precautions. For example, you should hold your baby’s head firmly in place to avoid sudden movements. Also, having another adult like your partner nearby can be really helpful for the first time. On top of that, make sure to keep the scissors or clippers out of your child’s reach. This is particularly important if they can reach their hands around to grab stuff. Moreover, razors shouldn’t be used to cut babies’ hair under any circumstance. A razor blade is too harsh on sensitive skin, and it could hurt their delicate scalp.

After all, this new experience will give you an opportunity to see how well your baby can handle new situations. Don’t stop if your baby has negative reactions in the first couple of times that make it impossible to do, try again when they are a little older. Let us know more about your baby’s first haircut in the comments!